In a new and struggling program, we live and die by cashing in on small amounts of donations. Below I will detail a few of the fundraisers we’ve done at our program.

Discount Cards- The standard fundraiser for football programs across America, but the companies are usually cashing in while we’re left picking up their scraps. I’ve seen 40/60 (us/them) payouts, but when I coached at Space Coast Jr/Sr we devised a much better idea. We called local restaurants, arranged discounts through them, and printed our own cards online. Each card cost $1, so by charging $10 we made $9/card instead of $4/card, and it only took a couple hours worth of phone calls.

Spirit Nights- They aren’t huge money makers, but if you find restaurants like: McDonalds, Chic Fil A, and Tijuana Flats who will give you 10-20% of the proceeds made that night between 5p-8p you can make $100-$200 in three hours. For some programs, that wouldn’t be enough, but we will take what we can get. At these events you could also sell discount cards. Do you remember the old letter writing campaigns where you’d sit down with players and get the addresses of family members and send off letters asking for donations? This is the modern era so it’s an e-mail campaign where donors can pay through paypal or credit card. We’re using it to take place of the lift-a-thon which only made our program $500 last year, ourfund has already brought in $800 in a month.

Play It Again Sports- Not really a fundraiser in the classic sense, but if you have old weight room equipment you can turn it in for store credit. For instance, we had elliptical machines, treadmills, and bikes to go with old olympic bars and hundreds of weight plates that we could donate. You could also ask parents at your school for donations and they can deliver their home equipment to PIAS and ask for store credit to be given to your program.