Dynamic Stretch

As coaches we organize our practices into different blocks of time, each block equally as important as the next. The first block of time I allot for is our dynamic stretch routine.


  • We allot 5-6 minutes for 12 exercises.
  • We have our blue shirt captains serve as line leaders.
  • While one coach is in charge of the warm-up, everyone has to be involved in the process
    • ie. each coach must be going through the lines coaching! Not chit-chatting.
  • They watch for: focal point in vision, loose faces, striking the balls of the feet- not the heel, keeping line (of body)

We try to start off simple with our warm up and get more complex as the work goes on. For example, high knees leads to carioca leads to back pedal with turn and sprint. The design of the warm-up is to get the muscles firing off and our heart rate up. The players clap together when the coach says “go” because we believe in being loud and proud without being cheesy (no songs and dances).


  • High Knee Rhythm Run x 2
  • Walking Lunges (hands locked in front) x2
  • Carioca x 2
  • Finger tip shuffles (flip at 5 yards)
  • Over/Under (flip at 5 yards)
  • Back peddle
  • Turn & go
  • Leaning sprint
  • Sprint

We complete our warm-up with jumping jacks that sound out: D-U-C-K-S-WIN-WIN-WIN to have teamwork and to sound off with team pride. It’s a moment for all other sports to hear us ‘loud and proud’ whether we’re in the off-season program or at pre-game warm ups.