Start to Finish: Uppers

In our off-season program, we make sure all of our athletes are well prepared to begin lifting weights. Even the most veteran lifters will spend the first weeks getting their bodies back into shape with body weight and light weight exercises. In this article, I’m going to break down different lifts with a beginner, medium, and complex version of attacking the same muscles.


Beginner: Push-up circuit (regular, diamond, wide)

Medium: physio-ball push ups (hands on large ball, ankles on small ball)

Complex: push-up and row or plyo/plate push-up (push up then push up on box or 45lbs plates)


Beginner: horizontal pull-up (need power rack and olympic bar)

Medium: pull-up

Complex: towel pull-up


Beginner: resistance bands

Medium: med. ball slams

Complex: dips (later, weighted dips)


Beginner: Dumbbell Press- teaches the player how to balance the weight and you can use lower, safer weights for new lifters.

Medium: Bench Press- tried and true bench press inside a power rack with an olympic bar.

Complex: Incline Alternating Hanging Dumbbell Press– This will not only work the pecs but also the triceps and shoulders.