Dash and Flash

This spring, we decided to draw up two new additions to our zone-option playbook called Dash and Flash. Both have veer principles while remaining double-option. Dash is a dive option while flash is the inverted-veer play (without the pulling guard) we’ve seen Cam Newton (Auburn and Carolina) and Andy Dalton (at TCU) run with great success.

I discussed Dash in my article called “Attacking the 5 Technique.” It’s also in my iBook on the Shotgun Zone Option. Dash allows for two different backfield options: a switch of our fullback to stay in the backfield (normally a guy that gets personnel’ed out for a slot or second TE) that moves our single-back in the slot, and a far call that creates depth by allowing us to run Dash to the weak or strong side. The benefits of running dash are that it gives us a quick hitting dive play for short yardage and goal situations. When a team is in the gun there are limited opportunities in short yardage unless you have a Newton/Tebow type player.

For Dash, our QB will read the play-side DE. If the end sits, plays contain, or attacks the QB it’s a quick give to the RB. If the DE starts to crash down on the dive, the QB pulls and attacks the outside hip of the DE. Our QB is our best athlete and for a team like ours where even a combo block isn’t guaranteed at the first level, we need the ability to pull the ball and take off on almost every play we have.


I have added cut ups that are on youtube of Dash from the spring game where we ran it 8 times for 86 yards and a TD. However, we had not added the bubble to this yet.

Here is the cut-up 12 months later with dive and a bubble/stalk on one side and slant on the other.

In our playbook we attempt to have a complimentary-play to each play call. IZ has OZ, and Dash has Flash.

I have the diagram of Flash below. Flash is our “flip” option, because we’re flipping the veer responsibilities in Dash while still zone blocking. Unlike what Carolina does in the NFL with Newton, or TCU did with Dalton, we will not pull our BSOG, because not pulling enables us to keep many of our rules in place and install different plays with similar blocking which is simpler for our 3-way players at the ironman level.


For Flash, we’re attacking the PSDE once again, and if he squeezes, attacks the QB, or sits we can give to the S-back. If the DE plays contain (outside force) we fake to the S and keep with the QB up the middle. Here we give on ‘sit’ because we feel our S can out run the DE better than our QB can beat him inside. On our outside runs (speed, flash, OZ) we don’t have a bubble option.

As a compliment to Flash, we also have Flash-Special. Flash Special is our play-action pass off of flash. It has a nice backside post combo with a slant to the front-side.

Flash Special