S&C: Body Weight Workouts (June 11-13 2013)

We’re currently in the body weight phase of our off-season program. Right now we’re just getting our guys back into the swing after less than three weeks off since spring football ended, but six weeks off since the end of our off-season program.

I’m a firm believer that even the most ‘college ready’ bodies need a week or two to get back into shape to lift actual weight. Thus, we punish our players with grueling body weight workouts both inside and outside. We use a nice progression to move from body weight to 60%, as well as from simple lifts to complex, which I’ve discussed in other posts you can find in the S&C section of this blog.

Tuesday: Push up circuit 3×15 (regular, wide, and diamond), Bridge Circuit (plank, up on each side) for time, plate push ups 3×10, pull up and dip combo 3×10 for both, physioball push ups 3×10 big and small, medicine ball circuit for time, resistance band- triceps 3×20 (20 each arm).

Wednesday: Air squats for time, box jumps and dots (10 and 20), 1-leg air squats, overhead squats w/ resistance bands for time, jump rope for time, 1-leg cone touches 10 each leg, A-Skips 3 trips.

Thursday: Push up circ. 3×15, bridge circ for time, plate push 3×10, pull up and curl 3×10, dip and crunch 10 and 20, medicine ball seated pass for time, med ball circuit for time.