S&C: Field Training (June 11-13 2013)

Since I started coaching high school football, and subsequently started coaching S&C as well, I’ve noticed two big issues:

  1. If you’ve given them time off, kids never show up in shape when you’re back on.
  2. No one (myself included) runs right.

Thus, we spend the first few days learning how to run again.

Don’t forget to always start off with a dynamic stretch before hand (previous article in S&C section).

Tuesday: form running session- walks, heel to butt, slow carioca, walking lunges, A-skips, dorsey and plantar hops, tapioca, backwards runs, take offs, long strides, agility ladders, interval training, and double-jumps.

Wednesday: Agility and Plyo training- walks, heel to butt, slow carioca, a-skips, dorsey and plantar hops, agility ladders, plyo box jumps, agility bags, low hurdles (stiff leg and sprint through), sand bag carries.

Thursday: Power and Explosion- mat drills, tire flips, sled pulls, sand bag crab crawls, agility ladders, long jogs and figure-8’s.

Our overall goal was to prepare and push the limits. On upper body days we usually do a lot of plyo and agility, on lower body days we do form running which is lighter on the legs. Thursdays we push hard since we give them off Friday-Sunday, and we do our power training then.