S&C: Speed and Strength (June 19-27)

At this point in the off-season (2 weeks) we’ve started to incorporate more actual weight versus only using body weight with our more veteran lifters. Our green lifters are still sticking to body weight as we get them primed and ready to convert to the hypertrophy phase.

Upper Body (rookie changes in parentheses : Incline Alternating DB press (phisioball push ups), push up and row, 1-arm box push ups, towel pull-up and biceps curls (pull-up and biceps curls), 45lbs plate cleans (25lbs plate cleans), dips and crunches, and bridge circuit.

Lower Body (same): Back Squat 60% (Air squats for time), 1-legged squats 25lbs (1-legged air squats), Box Jumps and Dots, Heavy Sandbag Cleans (light sandbag cleans), Walking Lunges (A-Skips), overhead squats w/ oly bar (OH squats with resistance bands), jump rope for time.

Field work: out in the field we have our rookies and vets combined. On Thursday which is our hardest day of the week (upper body + 3 day weekend) we split our players into four groups and set up four stations:

  1. Agility Ladders- 1, 2, and 4 feet in each rung, bunny hops, horizontal in-out.
  2. Crawl and pull- player bear crawls forward, stops to pull a 50lbs sandbag through his legs using 1-arm and repeats for 20 yards.
  3. Bag Drills- 1, 2, and 4 feet in each bag, bunny hops, side laterals, up-and-back, and shuffle through.
  4. Mat Drills- seat and roll, crawls, up-and-down, slide and sprint, roll and sprint. Here we also have 3 sets of cones, 1st set is where the player does the drill, they then sprint to the 2nd set on command, chop their feet until the whistle, the whistle indicates an up down, they then wait for the whistle, then they sprint to the next set.

In between each station our players take a “long jog” which is around our softball field and back to our practice field, and then they can get water once everyone returns.

Upon completion of the circuit, we have a ‘competitive station’ which will be some sort of team relay involving: tire flips, tire drive, bear crawls, fireman’s carry, wheel barrow race… something competitive and difficult to keep the kids driving to be the best. Losers will take a long jog lap while winners clean up the field and get water.