S&C: Working the lower body (July 1)

I’m posting our pre-July 4th lower body day with some descriptions of why we’re doing the exercise and what we’re doing.

Back Squats 3×10,¬†Front Squats 3×10

  • We have our boys in the power rack for back and front squats. For back squats we’re currently on 60% so 3×10-12. We just started incorporating front squats again so our players are going fairly light. We’re working our way to teaching hang cleans again.

Overhead Squats 3×10

  • We’ve graduated from resistance bands to PVC, and now to the olympic bar. Most players have no weight on, but some are using 25’s. We are careful to isolate them and have a spotter and a coach on that station.

1-legged Squats 3x5ea

  • We set up a chair and have our spotter hold the chair. Beginners are doing air, then PVC. Advanced lifters are graduating from a curl bar to olympic.

Straight Leg Dead Lifts 3×10

  • We’ve just started doing SLDL. We’ve taught the guys good mornings and 1-leg DL, now we’re adding in the SLDL to our workout.

Box Jumps and Dots 10&10

  • Our players will get 10-12 jumps on a 24″ box. They are required to complete 10 sets of dots (there and back being one). Beginners will do the split dot, as we get more advanced we add turns, triangles, hammer.

Heavy Rope Circuit Time/2

  • 15 seconds alternating, 15 seconds together, 15 seconds together w/ a shuffle.

Sandbag Clean and Snatch 3×10

  • Our players will clean and snatch a 50lbs sandbag using the handles that allow you to shoot your hands through and thus snatch the bag up. This is a build upon from plate cleans and before we do hang cleans.