Offensive Install From 30,000 Feet

This post will cover how to put in your offense, through the lens of our shotgun zone option running game. With one image, I will cover the timing, formations, motions, plays, play-actions, and pass combos we would install, as well as what routes, steps, etc should be practiced on what days. This is my version of the Delaware Wing-T.


The image above will be your guide through installation of your offense. Our play names and other tidbits have been changed to protect our no-huddle verbiage. You can see what you should teach under each day.

The key is to make this into a series. There’s no reason to have a formation in if you can’t run your play or combo out of it. We’re always going to install complimentary play/play-action together. We teach our WR and TE only the routes they need to know for that day. There’s no reason to teach a post if we’re putting in a bubble screen, however, once it has been taught, we do review routes daily. The same theory goes for the OL, why teach your OL to pull on day 2 if you won’t call a pull until day 10?

I truly believe in making a series for your formations, motions, plays, play-actions, and pass combos to all match up. If you do this, you will find greater success. It’s much like teaching in the classroom. If you’re teaching about the Civil War, you’re not going to all of a sudden discuss Harry Truman, the atomic bomb, and the European Union… right? Of course not. Your vocab terms fit the time period and topic, for instance they may be: ironclads, slavery, and state’s rights. Your key figures will be: Lincoln, Grant, Douglass, and Lee. Thus scaffolding the material, chunking it into proper digestible segments, and rolling it out as necessary.

Many resources needed to understand this playbook are already here on the website including diagrams, drills, and a chalk-talk about the base of the offense.

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