Speed and Conditioning (July 18, 2013)

Coaches- We are starting to phase out of four days per week of speed, agility, and conditioning and into more position/skill specific training. However, today we were back at our usual circuit work. We lead every speed session (approx. 1 hour) off with interval runs (Sprint/Jog/Sprint) followed by a 200 yard family jog.

We then set up 4-5 circuits usually consisting of:

Mat Drills, Agility Ladders, Bag Drills, and 2 variable drills. Today’s variables were a series of cut drills using cones, and short hurdles.

variations can include:

  • plate clean w/ 5 yard sprints
  • low hurdles (stiff leg, step over-1 foot, step over-2 feet)
  • bear crawls and sandbag pulls
  • crab crawls w/ sandbag on belly
  • figure 8 chases
  • jump cuts w/ bags or cones