3-step quick passing game

At the small school level, we can’t get caught up in long play names or extensive playbooks. We must streamline our offense and especially our passing game. This article will cover some tips on creating a simple quick passing game.

First, it all starts up front. The beginning of any run or passing game is the offensive line and their protection scheme. Our quick game can be half slide, full slide, cut blocking, et al. At the same time you can call your protections by name or #’s- whatever works for your program.

You can now establish a numerical passing tree, or just nickname the plays. For instance slant could be called sail. Hitch could be called Hull. This lets your players know boating terms are your quick game. We’re always going to run slant to one side and off-set hitch to the other. This allows you to break cover 2/4 and 1/3, as opposed to mirroring the call which gets you stuck vs certain coverages.

Q hitch

Other 3-step combos:

Q Argo


Vert and out forces most of the teams we face to make a coverage switch call. We read out to vertical.

T slant bubb


Slant-Bubble is a quick pass we consider to be a safe run play on the perimeter. We use a lot of stalk/bubble on play-action.

T nole


Slant-Arrow is a great way to get the flat defender confused and possibly even freeze him and the corner. We’re hoping that the CB flips his hips to jump the slant and watches the arrow go right past him.


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