Sprint Out Passing Game

This article will discuss two sprint out combos that we’ve put in as well as our sprint out protection. I have included diagrams in 3×1 and 2×2 as well as cut ups.

First we will discuss the protection. Our rollout game is a full-slide rollout with our RB setting the edge and helping chip the DE with the OT. If the DE really pushes outside, the RB will help kick the DE and the QB is supposed to run underneath. If the DE squeezes or plays contain, the RB will block the DE outside-in and pin him inside, so the QB can rollout and find an open target. We tell our QB’s to throw flat to middle to deep.


Our first rollout combo I’ve stolen from Urban Meyer when he was at Florida. Inside-out it’s an Arrow-Deep Out- Vert with a backside post.

T gator

Q gator

The second combo is a complimentary pass to rollout 1. Here you see an arrow-vert-deep comeback with a backside post. Once you’ve baited the DB’s into chasing the Z deep, he breaks off and is usually open. If not, the H comes open. 

T crusader

Q crusader