S&C: Getting the body back in shape

We ended our season November 1st with a 49-30 victory over a conference opponent on our home field. Since then, we have given ourselves as a coaching staff and our players five weeks off to recuperate after a long season where 19 of our 33 players logged the majority of the minutes, including a few 8th graders that started both ways. Even though many of our players are off playing basketball, we decided to get back in the weight room for two weeks before the holiday break to get our football-only kids back in shape.

Instead of jumping right back in with weights, we decided to go with a more tabata style training using a 30:10 ratio with body weight movements. Out on the field we’re using form running to teach or re-teach our players how to move properly out on the field. Many of the new kids we get have no idea how to walk or run, so we have to teach that part to them.

In the weight room, our tabata workouts are as follows: push-ups, pull-ups, box jumps, crunches, bridges, air squats, burpees, and seated runs. We time out 30 second shifts and the deal is to work as hard as you can and get as many reps as you can inside that time period. We then give 10 second rest breaks. We do three sets at each station before a 20 second window to rotate. With 3-4 coaches moving around the room we can quickly adjust players to get better form or to push them a little further. We’ve teamed guys up so that a rookie is with a veteran as well to ensure the work ethic is there and the form is there as well.

Out on the field we work on form running drills such as: exaggerated walks, heel to butt, walking lunges, reverse walking lunges, stiff leg low hurdles, low hurdles, backwards runs, 10 yard sprints, interval training, slow carioca, and tapioca. While it’s a lighter workout than our usual field work circuits it’s a good way to teach and ease the players back into the grind of the off-season program.

When we come back to school after the break, we will begin to incorporate weights and our more strenuous field workouts.