3-2-2-4 Checks and Adjustments

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Continuing the trend of defense and focusing on the 3-2-2-4 defense that I spoke about in a previous post. We’re now going to focus on checks our defense will make versus different personnel groups that are thrown at us. At our ironman level, we see all kinds of offenses, and many without rhyme or reason!

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 5.36.58 PM.png

Our first install will be the Stack (cover) 4. We’re going to look at this front vs 21 personnel. As you can see our DL is in a 404, and we will make our slant call to the field (field) or to the tight end or 3 receiver side (tight). Our Sam and Rover will play in 7 techniques, our Mike and Will in 20’s. Our CB’s play outside leverage (split the outside leg with your schwanz). Our FS plays stacked at 10 over the TE, our OB ($) plays stacked at 10 over the OT. This allows us two alley players, two fill players, two force players, and two outside force players. We don’t usually have the horses to have one alley player or one inside fill player, so we have to shorten the field for those “skill” kids.



The first adjustment we install is vs 11 personnel. We will adjust to a 2×2 look from 11 personnel. Our offense loves 11p so we have to put in our adjustment quick to give them a good look and so our defense isn’t blown off the field in early scrimmage sessions. We go CCA on CCA a lot in the spring, summer, and fall. We don’t start game planning (other than the game week in spring) until our KOC in August (3rd week of practice). As you can see our adjustments are shifting our rover out to split the difference, and our $ out to stack the rover. This keeps us strong vs bubble screens and a skinny post or 4 verticals.




Another adjustment we make is to 10 personnel in a 2×2 and versus a 3×1. Versus a 2×2 look in 10p we bow our Sam and Rover out to split the difference and our FS and $ will stack the LBs. Again, this makes it easier for our kids to cover bubbles, quick slants, and skinny posts but also 4 verticals. It also puts our FS and OB into the alley vs a speed option or jet sweep.



Versus 3×1, I like to roll my FS over the top of #2, have my Sam split the difference on #3, adjust my CB to inside leverage vs #1, and position my OB over the center 10 yards off. I keep my FS at 10 as well, eliminating some of those classic Urban Meyer combos of vert/out/arrow, 4 verts, or a smash route.



All of these checks can be made by the MLB and FS once the offense runs up to the LOS. Many times we play teams that run a hodgepodge on offense and we’re forced to adjust from 21 to 10 back to maybe even 31 personnel. In a later post I will discuss defending a 31 team (wing t, wishbone, flexbone).



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