3-2-2-4 Blitzes and Games

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What does everybody want? HEAD! What does everybody need? HEAD! No wait, wrong blog. The real answer, in this very pass happy world of football we live in, is ways to put pressure on the QB. I have the perfect package of blitzes, twists, etc for you if you just click “continue reading”…

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Stack Pressures

Our basic blitzes are above. Sam/Shoot, Mike/Mike, Will/Will, and Rover/Rocket.

Stack WAM

One blitz I love to use in short yardage situations is called WAM (pronounced: Jitterbug) or Will-and-Mike.

For our DL/LB games, some are great for getting a pass rush while others are great for confusing a zone-read QB post-snap.

Stack ear

EAR, as shown above, is End-and-Rover DL game. Our Rover will cut his split from the middle of the slot and OL to 1/4 distance. He will loop and play the B gap while the end will hard slant to the outside shoulder (aiming point) of the DE and play the C gap. Your zone read QBs will have to switch their read mid-play, which is seemingly impossible at this level, and hopefully will result in a loss for them, and a starred play on Hudl.

Stack max 4

Max or Mike Cross will see gap exchange between the Nose, Mike, and Will. The dashed arrows are just run fits, not blitzes. The solid lines with arrows are where the player is going.

The Will has changed his pre-snap alignment from a 20 to a -10. His read steps are towards the center and he has +A gap.

The Mike cheats his alignment over to a 15 (between 10 and 20). He will cross blitz into the -A Gap.

The Nose has a hell of a task and is asked to play his 0 and get his butt to the outside shoulder of the guard and occupy the +B Gap. That’s not easy for most cats playing the 0, but we’ve been playing a really athletic guy at the 0 the past couple of years, and are going to keep that going this spring. Our last nose was 6’1 280 and was our most explosive player. This year he’s 6’2 260 and throws 90 MPH on top of being one nasty SOB on the football field. I think he can handle it.

Lastly, we have Sugar. Sugar is when we walk the non-blitzing ILB up and have him fake a blitz, only to drop him back pre-snap and have the other ILB actually blitz at the snap of the football. When we have quick ILB it works, but with slower guys it’s a bust.

Stack Sugar