5 ways to dominate your 7on7 league

With summer fast approaching I’m sure you’re all wondering “just how can I dominate my 7on7 league” well, the answers are all here in this ‘should be $9.99 just for giving you my .02 on the topic’ tell all article!

#1 Make sure you play weaker competition. So you’re a 5A school in Florida and you’re looking to boost your morale this summer? Why not play a bunch of independent football teams in a passing league. You bring 30-35 skill guys, we’ll bring 10-12, and see who makes it out on top in 98 degree weather in mid-July.

#2 Run an offense you’d never run during the season. I hear you’re a wing-t team but you’re looking to perfect your passing game for those 10 attempts per season. Just run an empty set in your 7on7 league and really show your kids how IT is done. What’s it? First off, it’s IT. Secondly, it’s your strong grasp of the X’s and O’s. Teaching passing concepts they won’t use for four years will definitely prepare them for that playoff run.

#3 Recruit Have kids from other schools come play for your team. Sure it’s supposed to be a clean competition without ringers, but why not illegally recruit a QB or WR over to your campus by allowing them to play 7on7 on your squad while they’re still enrolled elsewhere but “looking”?? No, of course you didn’t tell Timmy’s dad it’s a violation and his son will be ineligible in the fall, why would you. Play like a 7on7 champion today!

#4 Gamesmanship is the game. Quick count a sack for the other team. Run a hurry up when it’s supposed to be a teaching experience and the other coach asked for a second to correct something. Throw deep when there’s a minute or two left of your offenses’ time slot knowing after 4th down you just get the ball back anyway.

#5 Act like a pompous asshole. You want to win 7on7 like a pro? You have to act like a 7on7 pro! Throw your clipboard and visor. Refuse to allow other teams to refill their water at halftime. Follow rules 1-4 above. And just be an all around douche bag.

I hope this has you winning 7on7 games all summer long, fellas.