Getting Your Kids Out There

This is my method to get my players’ names out there to college recruiters. At CCA, we don’t have players that the big schools are looking to sign. Coaches aren’t stopping by to run into our players. So how have I managed to get five of nine players signed in the past two seasons?

I’ve only had two coaches come by in three years, and one was on accident. He meant to stop by Cornerstone Christian and found Cornerstone Charter. Needless to say we didn’t sign anyone with his program.

So with that said, how have I managed to get players signed? Here are the steps I take every off-season to gauge the interest of college coaches in my players:

1) Your players should create a profile in Hudl and Field Level.

2) Your players should be tagging themselves in Hudl every week.

  • The least your players can do is tag their plays in Hudl.
  • Hopefully they can also compile their premium highlight, trim the clips, and spot shadow themselves.

3) Players will make a list of 25 colleges they would like to attend and states they would attend schools in.

4) Position coaches will e-mail college coaches for their players to initiate contact (we use a form letter).

5) Players will e-mail the same colleges and coaches that their position coach has e-mailed on their behalf (players also have a form letter).

6) Position coaches will get transcripts in PDF format from the guidance counselors, upload them into Hudl, and send the Hudl recruiting package to same coaches as their e-mail list.

7) Players will fill out the recruiting questionnaire for the same colleges that the position coach and the player have e-mailed.

8) The head coach will use Field Level to send out info on their players to their network.

9) The head coach will catalogue all of this information in an excel spreadsheet so there isn’t redundancy.

10) The head coach will make a follow-up call to any school that shows interest to the player (obviously, your kids have to show you this stuff and keep you up-to-date) but doesn’t e-mail him/her back specifically.

  • Usually this will result in just leaving a voicemail but I believe it keeps your players fresh in their minds.

Do yo have any tips or ideas? Shoot me a message on Twitter or via E-mail.