Pistol Wing-T: Tech formation, motion, and power

Today’s post will introduce another formation for our Pistol Wing T. This formation is called “Tech” because of its similarity to the Georgia Tech Flexbone/Double Wing look. We can run two different motions from this, one that puts the wing into the backfield into the Tiger alignment, and one that puts the wing into orbit motion. We will also take a look at power.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 5.39.56 PM.png

Tech rt

Tech is our double wing formation from the pistol wing-t (see above). Tech allows our wings to get into the passing game a little bit easier than Tiger, and it also allows our wings to get to the point of attack and set the edge if we’re running buck or even our power play that we will discuss later.

Our two types of motion are “in position” or hip/yip and “over top” or orbit motion or “hot/yot (pronounced yacht).”

Tech hip

Hip is shown above and provides our offense with a balanced look that shows motion to get the defense moving and guessing, before we attack them.

Tech hot

Hot/Yot are our orbit motions, hot is shown above.

Now for power. We can run our power play from any of these formations.

Tiger Power

Tiger Power odd

(Shown above) power can be ran out of Tiger against an even or odd front. You can see down blocks from everyone on the OL except the BS OG. The BS OG will pull and wrap through the B-Gap. The Y will kick the DE. The H replaces the pulling OG, and the S will be the main ball carrier here in power. We still have the backside slant and playside hitch.