Pistol Wing-T: Two formation and the 3-step passing game

Moving a long in our Pistol Wing-T (PWT) series, we will now discuss the passing game. You will see some variations between what we run in tiger and tech to what we run when two becomes a factor as well as our basic “spread” 2×2 look.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 5.39.56 PM.png

Two form

Our “Two” formation (see above) is named because we now only have two backs in the backfield. It is a more wide open look in our PWT series. We can always hip or hot motion and get the H back into the backfield as a ball carrier, or we can use him in the package passing game for the stalk-bubble concept you see most teams run.

Tiger slant hitch

In Tiger, our 3-step series is mainly our slant/hitch. As you can see we have slant/flat and hitch/flat. Two Slant hitchWhen we call Two, our slant combo changes to slant-vert, while our hitch remains hitch-flat. This keeps our basic spread rules in tact on the left, with our basic PWT rules in tact to the right.

Two Bubble

Our quick game in Two can also include slant/bubble and hitch-flat. This allows our QB to have something to beat cover 2 and something to beat cover 3.

Q hitch

Our 2×2 quads formation is a spread look that puts our wings out as slots receivers (see above). Our rules in two still apply- you have a slant/vert and a hitch/vert.


As far as protection goes, we’re going to use a full-slide (see above) with the back securing inside-out. At this level this protection scheme is solid, easy to learn, and we rarely give up sacks, even with the insane amount of blitzes we face.