Pistol Wing-T: The option game

So far we’ve discussed the more classic wing-t portions of the PWT offense. In this post, we will dive deeper into the veer aspects of the PWT which makes up our option game.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 5.39.56 PM.png

Tiger IZ

Tiger Iz odd

First, we will install our inside zone (IZ) play (above). Inside Zone will have a backside read of the DE or EMOL (end man on line), depending on how complex your QBs reads can get.┬áIt’s a true IZ play, with our OL combo blocking, someone working their way to the 2nd level, and our back reading the 3-tech with his point of attack being the OGs outside butt cheek pre-snap. In the image above, you can see our S is used as a lead blocker, while our Y is helping the OT set the edge. Our PS OG and C will combo the 3, our BS OG should cut the 1, and our BS OT will work 2nd level. The H will be the feature back, with the Q reading the end. We still have the X running a slant and the Z running a hitch to give us a pre-snap read package play at our disposal.

Tiger Dash

Tiger dash odd

We then install our dive-option play (above). In Tiger, our S is the feature back, running a dive path through the A-Gap while our QB reads the play side DE. Our PS OT reach blocks the OLB with our Y helping. Our H runs a triple option relationship to the QB, giving him a pitch-read once we’re comfortable with our dive play. We keep our pre-snap package play with the slant/hitch from X and Z.

Tiger Flash

Tiger flash odd

Our inverted-veer is ran more simply than the power-read option you’re seeing because we sub the pulling guard with a zone-blocking scheme. We block away from the play, much like dive-option. We’re still reading the play side DE for this play, however, we’re reading him the opposite. Our RB is taking the outside path while our QB is taking the inside path. The Y is assisting in setting the edge and sealing or kicking any outside trouble. The S is also lead blocking (we can use him instead of pull/wrap a guard). If the DE plays the H outside contain, the Q pulls and keeps behind the S. There is a play-action off this play and we still have our package as well.