Pistol Wing T: 3 and 5-step passing game

This post includes more Pistol Wing-T (PWT) passing game concepts from 3 and 5 step drops out of Tiger and Two. As you can see below, we’re showing full slide protection for both 3 and 5 step. You can call any protection scheme you want, this is more about the passing concepts than the protection schemes.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 5.39.56 PM.png

One of our most successful 3-step concepts is slant/bubble (below) with a hitch to the opposite side. This allows us coverage beaters to 2 or 1 high, press or soft.

Two Bubble

Here you can see our slant-arrow combination which is a great rub route that gets spacing for the slot and normally sees him wide open vs 1 high cover 3 type teams. Cover 2/4 types can usually get to the arrow, but leave the slant open.

Two nole hitch

In our 5-step game, we can run smash in our Two formation. I will always call slant opposite to the call of a hitch.

Two smash slant

Here we also can run our vert/out combo with a slant to the other side. This is also in our Two formation.

Two Argo slant

4-verts is our last passing concept we will take a look at. Here in two instead of running to the flat, our Y will run the vert up the seam. This allows us 4 verts from Two, Tiger, and Tech.

Two oiler

Tiger oiler