Pistol Wing-T: Pitch with high motion, counter trey, and criss-cross

In this post we will return to the ground game to discuss the pitch play from high motion, counter trey, and criss-cross… a few classic wing-t staples, and a Redskins play from their Super Bowl winning days of Joe Gibbs.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 5.39.56 PM.png

Tiger hot pitch evenTiger hot pitch odd

As you can see, we’re lining up in Tiger and using hot motion to get our H (wing back type player) into the play quicker. Our S and Y are being used to get outside and seal the DE or OLB whether even or odd. Our OL is going to reach and combo like an old school toss play (google: I Formation for info on toss).

Tiger Ctr even

Tiger Ctr odd

Counter-Trey (above) is less Wing-T oriented and more power run game focused. I always think of Joe Gibbs’ Redskins teams from his Super Bowl winning days. This is probably something you’re going to put in towards the end of the season, since pulling the guard and tackle from the same side works against most of the rules already established.

From the PWT Tiger formation (above), the H will replace the OT, the S will replace the OG and the Y will take a horizontal step to come to the Q to get the ball, and will aim for the OGs outside butt cheek. Our C, PS OG, and PS OT will down block, keeping true to our wing-t sensibilities.

criss cross EVEN

Last, we will take a look at criss-cross. The Q will handoff to the H who comes across the formation and meets the Y with a handoff. The Y follows the backside guard the pulls and wraps through the B-Gap. Th S replaces the BS OG, the PS OT is expected to block down and seal off the gap left by the pulling PS OG who will kick the DE.