Pistol Wing-T: Option game from the Two formation

We’ve taken a look at the basic option game in the PWT from the Tiger formation. Now we will take a look at how we adjust our rules when we line up in Two.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 5.39.56 PM.png

Two Iz even

Two Iz odd

Our first option play in Two is the inside zone (above). You cans see that some of our rules change. For instance, we now have the X run a stalk and the H run a bubble. We’re still running our true inside zone read play, with the Q reading the back side DE and the Y reading the 3 or 1 tech. Here he’s a 1-tech.

Two dash even

Two dash odd

This is our dive-option play (above) which resembles veer. In Two we again have the stalk/bubble with the opposite side having a hitch. Here we have the front side DE as a QB read, and the S back mesh with the Q. The Y can bend around and provide a triple option look (or even a triple read once you get the offense down).

Two dash even to Y

If we run it to the Y’s side, he will lead through the hole like an Iso block or a fold block if we’re in Tech.

Two Flash even

Two Flash odd

Inverted Veer is our complimentary call from dive-option in the series. We’re still having our Q read the front side DE, but instead of pulling-to-wrap the back side OG we have our S lead through the hole. If the front side end plays hard outside, the Q will pull and keep through the B gap. We also have a stalk/bubble to draw attention of the OLB and get some spacing for the mesh.