Oregon’s 2 point conversion vs FSU (2015 Rose Bowl)

It’s the 2015 Rose Bowl. The first semifinal game in Division 1-A Football history. And we’re talking about… the kicking game? The Oregon Ducks put themselves up 8-3 early versus Florida State with an Emory and Henry type formation that FSU just couldn’t handle.


The Emory and Henry PAT look has so many different functionalities and can be a great addition to your kicking game playbook for many reasons. First, the basics. The formation sees three OL and a slot to the left, three OL and a slot to the right, and three set pieces in the middle. This even distribution forces the PAT/FG Block team to spread itself thin and get lined up in a hurry.

Emory & Henry

The beauty of E&H is it also forces teams to really prepare for playing you in the kicking game. Instead of just lining up in their basic PAT/FG block- they’re going to have to spend time repping against your E&H look. Practicing not only blocking the kick, but also defending a speed option play with the middle piece and the double screens to the sidelines.

1-1 (dragged)

It also has a variety of options to choose from… for instance, if they cover the screen game well, they must have lined up pretty light against your long snapper (LS), place kicker (PK) and the lineman. In the screenshot above, FSU has lined up well to the middle piece, but this results in being outnumbered 3 to 4 on the left side of the E&H.

1-39 (dragged)

Above,  you can see (if you squint like Winston) that FSU is outnumbered 3 to 4. So the Ducks throw to the slot on that side and execute a screen to the big fella which results in a successful 2-point try.

Now, there’s always a third option here. If the Noles had covered 4 to the left, 4 to the right, and three set well to the middle the Ducks would just “swinging gate” and line up to kick the PAT. You can get detailed instruction in the video I’ve posted above on the swinging gate and Oregon’s use of it.

The best way to stop Emory and Henry and the swinging gate? Be prepared and get lined up.