Pistol Wing T: Tom, Kick and Down

The goal of the IMFB Pistol Wing T isn’t to make a perfect replica of the wing-t with just slight variation of the backfield alignment. It’s to mold the wing-t to a pistol alignment and make it work as perfect as an offense can. Here, we’re going to create a ‘new’ formation and a new version of the down series plus the original down play.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 5.39.56 PM.png

Down wing t

In the original wing-t down series (shown above) you can see the blocking is gap on the back side and down/kick on the front side. The wing (z) is there to seal the edge. The play is ran to the C gap (think outside veer).

Thom rt

Above, you can see our Tom formation with the H playing the sniffer behind the OG away from the call. The X and Z stay on the line, the S in the pistol, and the Y in his normal position behind the OT to the play-call.

Thom rt down

Thom rt down odd

In our PWT kick play (shown above vs even and odd), the H is going to pull and kick the play side DE. The front side will down block and the back side of the OL will zone block away from the play. Our S-back will attack through the outside hip of the play side OG. We will keep our play side hitch and back side slant for the package run/pass combo.

Down wing t style

In the original version of down (above) you can see that the backside will block FOB or fire on backer.