Assistant Coaches: I got the job… now what?

This is a topic that came up on Coach Huey and got me thinking deeper and deeper as the day went on… I’m an assistant coach, this is my first gig, I just got hired, now what? What do I do to become the best assistant football coach that I can possibly be…

Let’s say like most small schools or even freshman type entry-level coaching jobs at big schools, you’re coaching both sides of the ball. The example on Huey was of a WR/DB guy, but this works for any grouping of positions. What should you do to prepare yourself to make the best possible impact on your program?

1) Meet with your OC and DC and learn everything you can about the offense and defense your current program is running. Your first priority is to help your program in every way possible.

1b) Meet with your OC and DC a few days later and ask what they do to shut down your offense or score on your defense in your 1’s vs 1’s period. This will give you insight into how schemes work, as well as why coordinators call what they do and in what situation.

2) Sign up for Glazier Clinics. Spend two-thirds of the time at stuff that your Head Coach and Coordinators pick for you. Then you should be free to spend one-third of the time learning something else. Maybe you run the spread offense at your school and want to learn the wing-t. Maybe you’d love to help out in the off-season program and want to be more than a set of eyes and learn technique.

3) If you coach WR/DB, see if the QB coach in your program will let you sit in a position meeting (especially his first of the year). You can’t coach WR/DB without understanding why the QB is throwing where, etc. If you coach DL, sit in with OL. If you coach RB, sit in with OL and LB. Any way to learn what’s going on around your group and opposite your group.

4) Study the history of the game and buy all the books, DVDs, etc you can. Listen to Joe Daniel’s podcasts (free). Join forums like Coach Huey and CoachXO and ask questions and read up on topics. There are many legends.

5) Attend a local college clinic. Here in Orlando I can go to UCF’s coaching clinic for free and sit with the strength guys, any position group, and the coordinators. Pretty good opportunity to see how the big dawgs do it.

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