Q&A… Mailbag… whatever

From time to time coaches ask my advice (they haven’t google’d my winning percentage) on all things football, but normally something to do with balancing variable x when you have a small roster size. Here are those questions (dun dun!)

Coach Stauffer (@MikeStauffer): “Coach, how do you organize your scout teams to get off enough reps without wasting too much time?”

IMFB: On Mondays, when we go CCA vs CCA, I try to pre-plan the roster split in order to get even teams. However, once you’re planning for your opponent you have to get 1’s together to get them to communicate and work together. On the scout O, I have a scout card coach that lines the scout huddle up and gets the play in. I will play QB to get the play ran properly and our QB moves to WR to add to the scout athleticism. We try to get our scouts coached up on being scouts. It takes a week or two but it really pays off.

Coach Weaver (via WordPress): “Coach, I have been looking into the pistol wing t offense for this upcoming season.  …I have a question. Why are your wing backs in the back field and not outside the tackles?”

IMFB: We’ve started off with our base formation having no motion but we also wanted it to be balanced unlike the wing-t base formations. This base formation (article here) is a 30 personnel formation (pictured below). I believe it’s easier for players to learn to line up and play rather than get down the timing of motion and learn the play. Tiger Form

Coach Singer (via WordPress from Canada, eh): “What would you do with a player who would not follow orders in a game? A player who would miss practice?”

IMFB: If you don’t follow orders in a game you’re out of the game. Even if it’s for a play to be reminded why you have to follow them. We can lose a game but never lose the respect of the other players in the program. If a player misses practice, and it’s unexcused, they miss a quarter of offense and defense in the game. We never take kids off of the kicking game because of their specificity and value. I wrote an article on small school discipline for Coach XO that’s now posted on IMFB as well.