Pistol Wing T: Belly

It’s been a while but here’s another deep cut from the world of the Pistol Wing-T, the Belly play.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 5.39.56 PM.png

There are a ton of articles on the belly play from the standard wing-t. One I particularly like is here. But I haven’t seen a ton on it from the pistol and especially not our wacky pistol with RPO formula.

Belly can be ran out of our base 3 formations (Tiger, Two, Three). We really like it against even fronts. They’ll usually line the 3-tech to the WB side in two or the trips side in three. Against Tiger we see the 3 to the field.

Two form

I love running it out of our Two formation (above). We can stay balanced with the wing and Z to one side, and the X and slot to the other. We get slant to the 1 WR side and stalk or slant withbubble to the 2 WR side. This gives us the RPO we need in case they load the box. We can also run it out of three (below) but that usually will load too many defenders against too few blockers for my taste.

Two bellyBelly vs even


Our base fundies for Belly are the QB has to step up and over towards the B-Gap. The FB takes a lateral step before coming downhill to get the mesh. The WB lead blocks through the B. The PSOT knows to block down while the PSOG kicks the DE out. The BSOG and C will combo the 1-tech to 2nd level and the BSOT will wall off a speedy DE or work to 2nd level.

Other variations are belly option (we run this in Tiger) seen below:

Belly opt vs even

and Belly Keep (we can run this in two and three) seen in the cut-up.

Take a look at my cut up of Belly below. Plays in order: belly, belly, use of RPO, belly keep, belly, belly, belly.