Fundraising in 2K

In 2013 I wrote a quick blurb about fundraising for small programs. I had some focus then but not the same mentality I have now. The vision I go into fundraising with is no overhead cost.

So what can we do to raise funds without any overhead costs?

  1., and other online fundraisers, are great ideas. It’s free upfront, they do take a cut but at least you don’t need to spend money to make it. We’ve made around $1,000/spring using this fundraiser.
  2. Sprit Nights. We still use quarterly spirit nights to make quick cash. Chic-Fil-A for instance gives us 10% of the earnings as well as they allow us to use the spin wheel. We usually can leave CFA with $200 for 2 hours of work.
  3. Car washes and other small checks. If you can get the cheer staff and parents to run these, they’re worth your time. Otherwise, we never seem to make enough for the time it requires.
  4. Play it again sports and other used athletic gear stores- We sent out a mass e-mail to parents asking for their old workout equipment. We got treadmills, bikes, body by jakes, and universal machines that we sold to Play It Again and purchased items we actually can use in a football weight room.
  5. $20 from 10- This is simple, you tell your boys to go out and get $20 from 10 people they know. That’s $200 a kid at say 30 kids… you can do the math. It costs nothing to do this and takes a simple form letter that you can create and the kids can send out.

One item that requires overhead are the discount cards. The boys sold them to get free spirit packs. They had to sell 5 to get the spirit pack and the top 3 sales got $50 gift cards from the card company.