Run-Pass Options (RPO’s): Variety is the spice of life

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When talking RPO’s the first thing everyone mentions is the bubble. However, there are a ton of different passing concepts you can incorporate including but not limited to: sit downs, hitches, verts, tunnel screens, and stick/draw which many guys love.

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 3.36.13 PM.png


Clip 1- Slant/Bubble
clip 1 slant bubb.png

slant bubble rpo gif.gif

Clip 2- An adjustment we made to pressing the slot can be a sit down with the slot. slant pop.png

pop rpo gif.gif

Clip 3- This is our tunnel/stalk to the topclip 3 tunnel.png

tunnel RPO gif.gif

Clip 4- Another pop play

Clip 5- Stalk with the bubble to get a nice block on the CB.clip 5 stalk.png

slant stalk.gif

Clip 6- Check to Vert which gets the DBs to bite on bubble and the fade is open

clip 6 fade

fade rpo gif.gif