RPO’s: Stick/Draw and OZ/Post

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Two RPO’s we have yet to install into our offense are going to be off of two plays we currently do have in the book in the run game: trap and outside zone (OZ).

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 2.49.05 PM.png

Stick Draw.001.jpeg

This is the pre-snap read for the QB when running our stick-draw (trap for us). He should check the ILB across from the S-back and find the safety to the trips side.

stick draw.jpg

As you can see in the diagram above, we’re running a stick/draw look with trap as our run and a sit down from the inside slot (Y). We use a vert/out combo to the stick side to run the defenders towards the sideline and back off so the sit down is more open. Post-snap, if the ILB blitzes we need to throw stick. If he sits or drops into the hook-curl, run the trap.

stick draw draw GIF.gif

(above- stick draw’s draw play)

stick draw stick gif.gif

(above- stick draw’s stick play)

OZ Post.001.jpeg

This is pre-snap for our OZ/Post RPO. Here we’ll read the overhang safety.

OZ RPO.jpg

In the OZ/Post RPO, the QB reads that overhang or deep safety in the mesh with the Y. If the safety drops give to the Y for OZ. If the safety runs up to play the run the QB needs to pull and throw the post.

oz post rpo.gif

(above- this is power/post but it’s the pass I wanted to show anyway)

The video clips of stick-draw are below… enjoy!