Pistol Wing T: Expanding the option game

Taking a look at expanding the option game in the Pistol Wing-T Diamond Formation. This article will cover speed, inside zone read, speed with shovel, and triple option.

The base formation in the Pistol Wing-T is the 3-back diamond (30 personnel). We call it “regular” and that’s our base personnel grouping as well. The opponent is playing it as a 4-3 cover 4 here in the screenshot.

screenshot formation

The inside zone read is the first option we will address here. As you can see below, the read is in a red triangle. The QB and H will use an outside zone style of mesh here while the QB reads the backside end. If the end comes down the line it’s a keep, if he sits or attacks the Q he gives. He always has the double slant-to-stalk RPO as well.



The second play we’re looking at is the speed option. The frontside DE is unblocked as the read (red triangle) and the QB will come down the line with the S keeping his 5×2 option relationship. The H is just securing the backside from any potential blitzes.



As a wrinkle to the speed option, you can install the speed with shovel option. I’ve written about this play in the past but not from the diamond. In the diamond the H or Y can be the shovel guy, here it’s the H. He sneaks to the playside cheek of the C. The BSG will skip-pull and wrap through as a lead blocker for the H. The Y arc blocks the LB. The frontside DE is still the read. The QB has to look speed first, then shovel as a 2nd resort.

speed shovel

The final option we will look at here is the triple option. This is very familiar to Auburn fans or coaches that love Coach Malzahn. While the Y arc blocks the LB, the playside DE is the read, and the H can either start in high motion or just run his option relationship once the ball is snapped (probably better for timing with the midline mesh with the S to wait until the snap). The S hits the midline quick and the Q will read the DE, if he comes down on the dive he pulls and runs option with the H, if the DE sits, he will give the dive and play out the pitch without the ball to keep the DE honest.