Install 3: +5/-5 Extra Material

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IMFB readers- July 1st, 2016 marks our third install titled “+5/-5” which covers our favorite plays coming out of your own goal and going in for 6. Here I’m including an extra clip of a play I like to run going in that’s in our sprint out passing game from 10 personnel.

gator trips form.pngTrips open with back aligned to the trips

A play I love to run inside the 5 is a sprint out. there’s just so many benefits to a quick sprint out by the goal. You have a run-pass option for the QB really putting flat defenders in a bind. If you run up on the QB, he can dump the ball to the back or hit the 5 yard out. If you play the flat he should be able to keep and dive in the endzone. Even the backside post becomes open on the play as the FS (probably over the center playing cover 1) rolls to the sprint out to help.

gator rob 1.pngIt’s hard to tell exactly what’s happening, but the #3 WR has blocked down against the rush end while the back is slipping out into the flat

gator rob 2.pngYou can see the back here with the ball and plenty of space to run

gator art.pngHere it’s a backside post, and inside out chip block (RB flat), 5 and out and vertical. 

giphy.gifAbove is a nice animated GIF of the play