+5 Offense Preview: Power Read

@IMFB_Sean likes Power Read in +5 territory

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 2.38.57 PM.png

power read.jpg

Power read is one of my favorite plays. It’s hard to install but once you’re good at it, it’s also hard to defend. As you can see you still leave the end unblocked by the O-Line, the 3 is doubled by the G/T on the play side, the center blocks down on the 1-tech, the back side guard will skip-pull through to the 2nd level. The B there (he is an h-back) will arc to the Sam. The back side OT will gap-hinge. The QB reads the play side DE and has what I like to call an “OZ Mesh” with the running back. An OZ mesh is just a step-back horizontal ride with no angle. If the DE plays the Q or sits the RB should get the ball and attack the sideline. If the DE plays force or spill then the QB should pull, keep, and read the skip-pull.

power read give GIF.gif

(Above- Give)

In the GIF above, you can see the DE crash down play-side which leads to a give read. The RB is attacking outside and needs to break contain.

power read keep GIF.gif

(Above- Pull)

Above you can see a pull read, there’s gap exchange and the OLB to that side becomes the DE and shows his face and sits. This is a pull and keep read and the QB follows the skip-pulling OG and keeps for a big gain.