Install 3: -5 Offensive Philosophy

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Our 3rd install on Patreon will be about our offensive philosophy when we’re at the +5 and going into the end zone and when we’re at the -5 coming out of our end zone. While this article features an offensive play from each coach in the article, there are a total of 5 plays in the Patreon exclusive content. The Patreon content includes a chalk talk with Sean Davidson, Mike Gregory, and Justin explaining their favorite plays at +5 and -5 and is followed up with a chalk war between Mike and Justin.

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+5 sister article on IMFB

Justin’s -5: Blast from our I King formation (21 personnel)

blast gif.gif

This is a straight zone blocking scheme as I like to avoid pulling inside the -10 let alone -5. We do keep the RPO aspect alive because quick slants can be an effective way to get out of the shadow of your own goal posts if they’re open. Here against a “psycho” defensive squad we employed Blast because it was difficult to tell who to block with everyone jumping around so much pre-snap.

Mike’s -5: Power I Fade

deep shot GIF.gif

You have to love the (guts) it takes to take a deep shot inside your own 5, but Coach Greg shows he’s got ’em on this play. A max pro from the OL, TE, and RBs while the X runs a nice fade route.

Mike’s -5: Power I PA Y Drag

PA -5 GIF.gif

More guts here, Coach Greg runs a PA with 1/2 boot inside his own 5. The FB runs an arrow, the TE a drag, the WR to the playside runs a vert and the backside WR runs a cross.

Sean -5: Stick Draw from Trips Open

stick draw draw GIF.gif


stick draw stick gif.gif



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