Install 3: +5 Offensive Philosophy

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Our 3rd install on Patreon will be about our offensive philosophy when we’re at the +5 and going into the end zone and from the -5 and coming out of the end zone. While this article features an offensive play from each coach in the article, there are a total of 5 plays from +5 and 5 plays from -5 in the Patreon exclusive content. The Patreon content includes a chalk talk with Sean Davidson, Mike Gregory, and Justin explaining their favorite plays at +5 and -5, and is followed up with a chalk war between Mike and Justin.

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 2.38.57 PM.png

-5 sister article on IMFB

Justin’s +5: Belly from our PWT King set.

belly ani Gif.gif

You can see a great example of down/kick from the play side OT/OG and an iso block from the Wingback (lined up as an H-Back). Our outside WRs keep their slant-to-stalk RPO in tact. You can see the pulling guard with a clear shot on the rush end (right of the picture). I think belly can slow down over aggressive defensive lineman down at the goalline, but can also backfire if an aut0-blitz team can beat the WB/HB to the fill in the hole.

Mike’s +5: TE Slip PA from his Power I formation

PA TE Slip GIF.gif

Talk about a pair on this guy, Coach Gregory uses a trick play to beat Clearwater Central in his first game as head coach. You can see the Power I, the QB half rolls towards the PA before setting up and firing to the TE. The trick here is the TE slips, loses his ILB covering him, and recovers in time to sneak into the end zone for the win.

Mike’s +5: Power I PA Flood

+5 PA Flood GIF.gif

Sticking to the Power I and play-action game, Coach Greg likes PA Flood inside the +5 territory. As you can see the TE will fake like he’s blocking the LB and break-off to run an out. The FB flows off PA into the flat while the X runs a cross or drag.

Sean’s +5: Pick/Zone

Coach Davidson is using motion to set a pick on a quick screen. It’s an RPO with inside zone as well. This pick is a little like we saw with ND vs FSU, a common bending of the rules we love so much that’s in-often called.

pick play GIF.gif

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