Head Coaching Roles: Plan & Implement

A major role of a head coach is to plan and implement that plan into a reality. This covers practice planning, off-season workouts, philosophy in all three phases of the game, and scheme.

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1. Practice Time

When you become a head coach you have to think back about everything you participated in as an assistant but weren’t stuck planning. One of those things is how you are going to practice, and by that I mean- will you be a split day team or a split week team? Split day teams practice some of their own offense and some of their own defense every day. Maybe Monday is a complete split while Tuesday is a defense emphasis with some offensive indy time and Wednesday has offensive emphasis with some defensive indy time.

However, I use a split week plan which is available on Patreon as exclusive content here.

2. Pre-Game Warm-Ups

Another aspect for head coaches to focus on is pre-game warm-ups. Are you a guy that wants specialists out super early and to bring guys out in phases? Is everyone out there together? Warm-up then go back in? Stay out? You have to make these determinations before the season and go with them.

We have our pre-game warm-up schedule in the PDF film on Patreon exclusive here.

3. Off-Season Calendar

You’re the boss now. Are you going to lift 5, 4 or 3 days / week? Do you take a whole week off for July 4th or just a couple of days? Do you give off during final exams or pick right back up? It’s your decision and things like safety and sanity have to come in to play when making these decisions.

Take a look at our off-season calendar for February and June on Patreon exclusive here.


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