Install 5: Linebacker Drills Video and Manual

IMFB’s Install 5 covers Linebackers. Video on linebacker play and drills but also a PDF Linebackers Manual attached with coaching points, reads, and drills. The video also includes cut-ups of defensive plays showing the drills. FREE CONTENT

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I always start my indy period going back to the basics of stance and read steps. I feel like as coaches we can get away from the day one stuff as we worry too much about install during the season. A quick 1 minute refresher to make sure guys are lining up right and are taking the proper steps is vital.

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Another drill I love is an alley fill drill for block destruct. While the linebacker above should be deeper in his stance, it’s a great drill to work leverage and filling without the players taking true hits as we use a shield for the drill.

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I think pass drops are often over looked in the linebacker drills I see on DVD or other places. In the 4-2-5 especially LB drops are keys to success in the short to middle passing game defense. Above you see the W-Drill, a good hip opener that teaches guys how to drop at 45 degrees, but also works on a straight drop as well.

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