It’s a Trap! How to use the trap play in any offense (Install 6)

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I am a true believer in trap. It’s a play that has been around since the dawn of time. I’ve seen it used well at all levels and it can be used in so many different ways from an endless amount of formations.

As an Offensive Coordinator, you can trap the 1, 3, or 5 technique and both regular backside trap or the back and playside “influence” trap, and even a wham trap. You can trap with guards or tackles, h-backs and even fullbacks.

husker trap GIF.gif

One example of trap is in the GIF above. Watch the Huskers blow through the ‘Canes in the 1995 Orange Bowl. The 3-tech is supposed to be trapped but actually runs himself out of the play and the guard should’ve turned up in the hole, but can you argue with success?

oregon TB trap GIF.gif

Another example of trap, the shotgun tailback trap executed here by Oregon. They actually use a skip-pull to trap (I prefer flat pull). Here they’re trapping the 5-tech.

jet trap GIF.gif

This last clip is from my old squad the Ducks of Cornerstone. This GIF above shows a jet sweep fake guard trap. We’re also trapping the 5 like the Ducks of Oregon.


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