Offense: Performing a mid-season review

Welcome to IMFB where I’m going to discuss what goes into my mid-season review and even use some real examples here, on the blog, in living color. The cut-ups will be on the Patreon account which you can access by clicking here and paying $5.00/month.

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Our run/pass breakdown is around 60/40%. I like to also breakdown the R/P based on field position and down/distance.


20 personnel is big for us, and I like to investigate not only personnel but formations and what works best… being in 20 but lining up in a 2×2 spread look? being in 20 and running pistol Queen and King type sets? Or being in 10 and using an extra WR in the backfield vs a true fullback or h-back?

Running Game

In the running game I like to see what I’m running where on the field. Am I pulling in +5 and being stopped by double a-gap blitzers or am I staying zone and scoring? Do TE’s help the run game +5 or does staying spread?

Passing Game

I like to see where I throw and on what down/distance to make sure I’m not an easy tell. I would love for 1st down to be 50/50 and with RPO’s that’s possible and safe.

Speaking of RPOs…

We’re using more variations of RPO’s here than the past two years at my last stop. While I’ve ran slant/bubble and stalk/bubble before, and even tunnel, pop, and fade… here we’ve adapted and grown the packaged to the next level. Check out more on RPO’s here and listen to the Coachspeak episode on them here 

+5 and -5

We had our +5 Offense / -5 Offense install and our +5/-5 chalk war (linked up, y’all) and I professed I don’t like pulling lineman in those areas, well, I lived up to it. In the red zone we still pull but there’s been 0% pulling +5 or -5.