Excerpts from my book: Memoirs of an Asshole

I’m writing a book about my four years as a head coach at a small charter school in Florida called Memoirs of an Asshole. If you’re interested in a copy, click the contact page and let me know! It will be an e-book so a PDF format document.

This excerpt is on starting seven quarterbacks in four years:

We’re 6-4 heading into our senior night against a new squad, we’ll call them Racially Insensitive Team since they got off the bus yelling “White boys!” We stomp them 34-0 and they leave before the end of the third quarter. Something about the refs and our onside kicks. I’ve never onside kicked a team to death, but no team has ever come over as a unit to yell “white boys!” at my team either. The Local runs for 80 yards and throws 2 TDs.

This excerpt below is from a chapter on signing players to play college football:

In four years as a head coach I worked with eight different players to get them signed to play college football. That’s eight of eight that had any chance to play college, and eight of a total of sixteen I had on my four rosters. They signed to small schools, mostly Division-3 programs, two Division-2, one JUCO, and one NAIA. Of those eight only three ever started camp at the college they signed with. Two of those had around 90% of school paid for in scholarships, and many others had 40-60% of the schooling covered between grants, loans, and scholarships. I would tell the parents, ‘I can get your kid signed, I can get them registered for school, but I can’t move your kid into the dorms for you.’

This last excerpt is from a chapter on facilities:

The first time I walked into the locker room in the field house at charter school I saw my first of so many firsts: disregard. I had never seen a program in complete disregard but especially not one that was brand new. A new program can create expectations and traditions immediately. The coaches and administration are in a rare position, there are no learned poor behaviors. It’s all new and yours to mold how you choose. They chose disregard.