Mid-season Adjustments

I asked some fellow coaches and college players about their mid-season adjustments. I was looking for anything from practice plans, to schemes, to staff changes, maybe a new play or a new coverage. Here’s what I got:

We started working on punt every day of practice instead of once a week when we had punts taken back on us two weeks in a row. We changed alignment and aiming point on punt.

-Marcus Moeller (@MarcusSabroe) Malone University, PK/Punter


With our change at head coach we tried a new offense. We went run heavy and will focus on fundamentals.

-Sean Davidson (@IMFB_Sean) Edgewater High School, OC/WR


We have truly become game plan specific units. It has helped us stay on the attack on all phases.

-Dan McKenna (@coachmack36) Anna Maria University, Special Teams Coordinator


Minor changes to practice schedule for wear & tear and academics. Adjusting scheme to what has worked so far this year.

-Aaron Avery (@coachaaronavery) Ponte Vedra Beach, QB Coach


Mid-season adjustments should include self scouting above everything else.

-Chris Fore (), Special Teams Coordinator, EIGHTLACES.ORG


Nothing earth-shattering, our issue is we scheduled four or five Double Wing teams interspersed with air raid teams. Talk about craziness- Double Wing smash mouth one week and Air Raid the next. One thing I am going to do this off-season is install quarters (coverage) and base out of that… instead of trying to be cover 3 one week and cover 2 the next.

-Mike Stauffer (mikestauffer) Patriot High School, Defensive Coordinator & LB Coach

I’ll be writing about jet series tweaks we’ve made in my next newsletter. Also formation adjustments to mask poor TE blocking.

-Chris Brooks () Wing-T Youth Coach, about.me/chrisbrooks


I would get the kids out by 5:30 at the latest, skip daily film and workout in 30 minutes instead of an hour.

-Adam Czaplewski Cornerstone Charter Academy, Quarterback Coach