Strength: 12 Bilateral Lifts

As a football coach many times you become a de-facto strength and speed coach either because you’re the header, or because you’re the assistant on campus or maybe you just have enthusiasm for the topic and are willing to learn. In my experience, it was because I was a little of all of these factors. Through my time lifting not only for my own benefit but for the benefit of my program, I’ve discovered that I need to trick my body while keeping myself engaged. Not just that but after clinics, reading books, and meeting with strength coaches I’ve discovered what is important in the strength world as a football coach.

Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 12.56.39 PM.png

Click the image above or here to access the bilateral lifts video

Bilateral workouts are important for incorporating the entire body in the lift and learning the basics of flexibility, stability, muscle endurance, and power. Here I will focus on three of the lifts taught in the video series and include GIFs.

Below I have a screenshot of three lifts from the Patreon exclusive video:

front sqt GIF.gif

Front Squat and Plate Raise

Above, the FSPR is a great lift to focus on ankle flexibility and stability while strengthening the core and shoulders.


OH sqt w band.gif

Overhead Squat using a resistance band

Above, in a college weight room maybe everyone can overhead the olympic bar, but in your typical high school gym the resistance bands become vital tools to work on posterior strength.


Romanian or Straight Leg Deadlifts

SLDL’s or RDL’s are a great posterior exercise to grow and strengthen the hamstrings