Strength & Speed: Static Stretch

As a football coach many times you become a de-facto strength and speed coach either because you’re the header, or because you’re the assistant on campus or maybe you just have enthusiasm for the topic and are willing to learn. In my experience, it was because I was because of all of these factors. Through my time lifting not only for my own benefit but for the benefit of my program, I’ve discovered that I need to trick my body while keeping myself engaged. Not just that but after clinics, reading books, and meeting with strength coaches I’ve discovered what is important in the strength world as a football coach.

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Static stretch

For this install we cover our entire static stretch routine. Below is only an example.

After a good hard workout you must incorporate a static stretch into your cool-down routine. While the first part of our cool-down is simply body weight exercises and core workouts, the final part is our static stretch. Some classic yoga poses work well.

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