Offense: Round-up of offensive topics on IMFB

It’s beginning to look a lot like… clinic season. Why fly to Nashville or drive to Glazier (I’m obviously joking, this shit isn’t Glazier quality) when you can sit in your undies with a beer on the couch and look at this stuff? Here are some topics focusing on offense from the past year or so on IMFB.


First up, how about our material on using the H-Back in your offense? Talkin’ power, arrow routes, stick routes, trap, & split-zone

FREE article- Using the H-Back


Below, we’re talking the return of the Shovel Option. I’ve seen it around college football quite a bit to protect plays like power read and speed option.

FREE article- Running shovel option in today’s world


We talked about RPO’s and the misnomer that QB’s have to be mobile or run in order for them to work


FREE article- Why the QB doesn’t have to run in a Run Pass Option Offense 

And of course there’s exclusive material for $5.00/month (cancel any time). There you can find our installs on offensive stuff including, the video I made for SOTU on Mark Richt’s inside zone series:

FREE article- It’s a trap! on the trap play

Patreon Exclusive- It’s a trap! 


Patreon Exclusive- Chalk War of RPO’s

Patreon Exclusive- Chalk War of +5/-5 Offensive Schemes