Strength & Speed: A round-up of different strength and speed articles on IMFB

Tis the season to plan your off-season program. Maybe you started today, or you’re back at it the first week of January. IMFB has a lot of suggestions for you to improve your speed, agility, and power while limiting injuries and increasing flexibility.

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First off, how about a FREE Static Stretch video for post-workout sessions.

FREE article- IMFB Static Stretch Routine

We have an install on Bilateral Lifts on Patreon for $5.00 members. It includes descriptions, a sample workout in PDF and a video.

Patreon Exclusive Content- Bilateral Lifts Video

FREE article- IMFB Bilateral Lifts

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Also, there’s an install on Unilateral Lifts for $5.00 members. Same information as the bilaterals.

Patreon Exclusive Content- Unilateral Lifts Video

FREE article- IMFB Unilateral Lifts


Ducks sprints. What a better way to build teamwork, school pride, and a little conditioning to boot. Check the FREE video out below: