Film Breakdown: Clemson Tigers vs Virginia Tech Hokies (ACC Title Game)

With the conference title games coming this Saturday, let’s look at the Clemson Tigers versus the Virginia Tech Hokies through like opponent the Pitt Panthers. Clemson lost to Pitt while the Hokies defeated Pitt- but both in close games (1 and 3 points).


I’m going to look at this game from a perspective of how can Tech get an upset?

The Pitt and VT offenses use similar tactics and Pitt hit Clemson with play-action, a few deep shots, split-zone and shovel for the win.

How did Virginia Tech beat Miami, UNC, and Pitt? By using play-action, split zone read, and some shovel as well as taking timely deep shots.

Tech will run a 4-2-5 and rely on some man coverage to control the deep ball Watson likes to throw.

Tech runs a packaging of plays in almost every game including this play-action pass.

pa deep shot gif.gif

Another common redzone play is a play-action flood with a flat route and a TE running a corner.

pa flood gif.gif

Split-zone read and the QB’s ability to run hurt Miami.

splt zone read gif.gif

Many of the same plays that worked against Pitt and Miami worked against UNC- but they also used a power read off jet.

jet power read GIF.gif

When you watch the Pitt/Clemson game, you can see Pitt beat Clemson with many of the same plays we see VT use.

pa deep shot gif.gif

Play-Action Deep Shot

pa deep gif 2.gif

Play-Action Deep Shot 2

split zone gif.gif

Split Zone Read

shovel opt gif.gif

Shovel Option