Film Breakdown: Navy Midshipmen vs Temple Owls Football (American Conference Title)

Saturday morning cartoons watch out, we’ve got a barn burner for you at 9am (12pm eastern) between Navy and Temple. The Midshipmen have been putting up huge numbers on people for most of the season en route to 9-2 while Temple has quietly gone 9-3. They both beat up on East Carolina late in the season and that will be our mutual match-up to breakdown.


The Middies are 11th in scoring offense in the NCAA with 41.7 PPG and 3rd in passing yards per completion. Temple under coach Matt Rhule is 46th in scoring offense and 10th in scoring defense giving up 17 PPG. Will Navy’s high-powered score in bunches offense hold up against the Owls?

Below, Navy  uses their base play inside veer and the fullback goes off.

IV navy gif.gif

The Middies love midline, and will run it until teams learn how to shut it down, which ECU never did. Remember, the read on Mid is the 3-tech. If he sits give the dive, if he squeezes pull and keep. The announcers will call this “QB Keeper” 20 times / game.

midline gif.gif

But Navy will also throw deep as they’re averaging 18 yards / completion.

navy big throw gif.gif

It’s midline again.

midline td gif.gif

On rocket toss to the fullback you can see how tough and determined the 2016 Navy squad is. The 255 lbs fullback White is running for 6 yards a carry and 7 TDs.

rocket toss fb gif.gif

Midline again!

another midline gif.gif

How do you score on Navy? ECU went with the deep ball

ecu pass td gif.gif

Back to the air again taking advantage of athleticism over the Middies.

ecu pass td 2 gif.gif

And another deep throw to close the gap.

ecu deep shot td GIF.gif

It’s harder to look over someone’s defense when the two schemes will be entirely different. But on offense Temple and Navy will both be looking to control the clock. Temple does it in a more dominant style while the Navy Flexbone works agility, angles, and timing not power per se.

I’m sure after seeing ECU take deep shots successfully Temple will try a few themselves against the Middies.

temple deep shot gif.gif

But expect this game to be power and zone lead like we see below. The first two are power from multiple back and tight end sets.

32p power gif.gif

temp 32 power gif.gif

With the last two being zone lead from multiple back and tight end sets.

zone lead 22p gif.gif

22p zone lead gif.gif