Install 8: IMFB 4-2-5 Defense at the goal line

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We’re going to take a look at controlling the line of scrimmage down at the goal. Many teams, even spread teams, will close down their look and add Tight Ends at the goal. We’re going to look at how to defend against 32 personnel.


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This is an even front look, but we call this MAFIA from our 4 man line, jamming the field TE, and playing the free safety in the box.mafia vs double tight double wing.png

MAFIA stands for Mike Always (always blitzes) Free in the Alley. The Free is lining up in the box ie. he starts off in the alley he’s going to defend, and he’s over #2 to his side, the TE. It’s useful for when teams are trying to QB sneak, run a quick FB dive, or even an Iso.

The SLB will line up in a 7 (outside shoulder of the TE) and the CB will line up on the LOS, pecker in, controlling the wing. The Free will line up at 5 yards stacked over the TE. The $ will line up at 5 yards stacked over the other TE. The MLB is in a 20 as is the WLB. But the MLB will blitz through the A-Gap. The 3-tech will be to the field-side.

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