Film Room: Ohio Bobcats vs Troy Trojans Dollar General Bowl Preview

The Ohio Bobcats will meet the Troy Trojans in Ladd-Peebles Stadium for the Dollar General Bowl on December 23rd at 8pm eastern. Ohio is ranked 83 in the S&P+ while Troy is ranked 65 overall. Troy’s best games were beating Southern Miss and App State while Ohio’s best win was probably over Toledo with good wins over Miami Ohio and Eastern Michigan.


We’ll start with what Ohio brings to the table. Bobcats coach Frank Solich is an old school Nebraska guy that won 3 titles with the Huskers running the I option (we talked a bunch of NU option here). Solich has adapted his offense to a more “modern” look but has kept option ideas involved. His Bobcats runs inside zone read, IZ with RPO’s, and speed option from the gun.

iz gif.gif

IZR play vs the Vols

speed opt gif.gif

Speed option vs the Vols

20p play action GIF.gif

20p play-action vs Western Michigan

rpo flat bites GIF.gif

20p IZ RPO vs Western Michigan

Screen Shot 2016-12-17 at 12.21.21 PM.png

On Defense

425 def ohio.png

This is the base look Ohio will run against 20 personnel. A 4-man line with 3 down, 2 ILB’ers, 1 mid-field high safety, an overhang player, and a deep safety over #2 (bottom).

Troy will come to Mobile with a reputation as a hard nosed team that plays tough defense. Troy is 20th in turnover margin and likes to take the ball away with big hits.

Screen Shot 2016-12-17 at 12.36.51 PM.png

Above, this is a screenshot of the GIF below.

rpo motion .gif

QB is reading that stand-up end/olb, if he plays run throw bubble, he plays bubble run the inside zone read.

split zone triple GIF.gif

Above, check out this split zone read triple option. The QB reads the back side end. When he squeezes, the QB pulls and follows the H-Back, but has the slot that went in motion there to pitch to if there’s a scrape exchange player that jumps the QB.

iz gif.gif

Above, your standard inside zone read is used for the go-ahead score.

2 back PA GIF.gif

Like many of the zone based option teams, when they’ve lured you in with a strong run game, especially involving the QB, they love to take a good play-action deep shot like above.

jet sweep GIF.gif

Troy runs a standard jet sweep against App State

counter w h back GIF.gif

Troy runs a beautiful counter-trey using the H-back to wrap and the BSG to kick

On Defense

Screen Shot 2016-12-17 at 12.46.31 PM.png

A nice standard look from the Troy front against the 20 personnel sets Ohio likes to run. Like Ohio, Troy likes to run a 2-point rush end that I don’t particularly like but many teams employ it, App State included.